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Books A glimpse into Amsterdam

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Books A glimpse into Amsterdam

In 'A glimpse into ...' * you look * in Amsterdam, my city.

You look inside 12 beautiful, inspiring, sturdy houses photographed by Renée Frinking. These houses are located in 12 different neighborhoods of the city. From an authentic canal house to a self-designed house in Amsterdam-Noord.

Not only do you look inside the houses of these different people, but also in their Amsterdam. Their neighborhood, their favorite shop or restaurant and their way of life in the city, they have given away all secrets. Inspired by their stories, I started exploring the neighborhoods. This resulted in a very extensive * city guide *, supported by maps and beautiful drawings of the city. I take you from north to south and from east to west, because Amsterdam is much larger than just the old city center.

It has become a book for interior lovers, but also a Bible for Amsterdam fans and for the many tourists.

My Amsterdam has become much bigger ...

Linda Loenen